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Allow Nature to Flow Through You

By Oleg Moskvine


Life as a gift from existence is intended to be a life lived naturally, existentially, fully, joyfully, blissfully. In authentic life nature flows through you without any repressions, without any artificial barriers and without any artificial splits.

But does man live naturally? The mind’s conditionings do not allow man to be natural. There are so many ideas that man should go above his nature to attain supernaturalness, that man has to be something more than nature itself, that just to be natural means to be an animal, right? I’d doubt. Thus a deep split is created. The dividing of the whole into parts results in a conflict between these parts.

It is like an effort to cut the whole beautiful rainbow into several parts. Is it possible to separate the rainbow in the infinite sky? No one can succeed in it, or someone can? The split of man into two parts results in fighting between both parts, because one part of man's being becomes the enemy to the other part. The whole energy of man becomes dissipated in this fighting with himself.

Man cannot convince nature to go against itself. Nature follows its own wise way. Definitely, man may try to fight against his nature. He will never win, but he can at least try fighting... And the result of such fighting is simply a destruction of man’s natural beauty, of his spontaneous dance, of his joy, of his full breathing of life, of his warmness…

As far as I am concerned, a goal to reach supernaturalness by repressing naturalness results only in unnaturalness and in misery. Only total acceptance of your nature, only total exploration of all the energies of your nature opens the door to super-consciousness. Not fighting, not repressing, not pushing inside, but understanding, realizing and indulging in your multidimensional nature results in the existential blissfulness of life.

You are born as a natural being. Think about this. Feel this. Realize this. Be deeply aware of this. Respect and indulge this divine phenomenon gifted to you. You are born with a wise nature inside. It is your foundation. It is your part. It is your home. You cannot go above your nature because it means you try to go beyond yourself. You cannot separate yourself from yourself, or can you?

The idea of moving above your nature just suits your ego, because the ego says, ”Man is not animals, so man has to be above nature.” Right, man is different from animals. But this is the great difference: animals cannot explore all the dimensions of their nature but man can! Man can explore all the heights of nature and all the depths of nature to be more natural than animals. Man is the rainbow of reality. All the colors are important in this divine luminosity. All the energies are important. All the layers are important.

Man does not need to be above his nature. Man has to fully realize his nature to fulfill it, to become more natural in all the dimensions of life. Intelligent man is not the one who is above nature, but the one who is totally natural, who has explored nature in all its dimensions, who has not left anything unrealized and pushed into unconsciousness.

Acceptance means NOT fighting with any part of YOU. Acceptance means dissolving all duality. Man cannot reach the whole by fighting with any extremes of duality. Remaining in this very moment of the present transcends all duality.

Man has the ability, the potential, the freedom and the birth right to fully explore all the dimensions of existence. Your nature is the interwoven part of the divine existence. Don't fight with yourself. Just be aware of all the energies. And if you have totally explored nature, if you fully accept nature, if you don’t create an artificial split inside, then life becomes a joy of realization and a festivity of aliveness.

But it has to be realized, otherwise these are just words. They may be beautiful words but they are just words. They are useful for inspiration but they are useless for practical realization… until you dive into practicing. Doubt my words and start exploring all the dimensions of this world. Dive into the energy of life right now!




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