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The Grass is Always Greener on Your Own Side

By Oleg Moskvine

If you are always looking for something better to reach for, someone else to be and somewhere to run, if you are looking everywhere else, and all the grass seems to be so beautiful and so green, except on your own side, if for your whole life you are rushing from one place to another that looks greener, richer, happier, brighter, then in this constant run you become simply distracted from yourself.

When you focus on somewhere, then your energy becomes dispersed in following somebody else and achieving something more. When you are running somewhere else where your nature has not intended you to be, then in this run you will inevitably lose something essential in your life. When you are not moving towards your own potential, when you are not moving towards your own individuality, then you lose yourself. When you spend all the energy only outwards, on the periphery of your nature, then NO energy remains to dive inside.

You never think about your own seed that has a tremendous potential for growing and blossoming. The whole misery of comparing the life on your side and the life on the other side is rooted in NOT knowing yourself, in not accepting yourself. You are not satisfied with your individuality given by existence.

And when you are NOT contented with yourself, then you start looking around. Somebody else seems to be richer, happier and healthier, so the run after more, more and more starts. It is always the grass on the other side that looks better and greener. But don’t you realize the simple fact that the grass looks greener from both sides? The others from the other side of the fence see your grass and it looks greener for them too. And if you get closer, then another reality is seen. The grass doesn't look so wonderful, so green and so bright now. It was an illusion, a mirage appearing from a distance. That is why people keep each other at a distance.

So, what to do? Just knowing yourself, just being yourself, just indulging in your own nature instantly dissolves the illusion of the greener grass somewhere else. Why to even bother about the greener grass somewhere if you can make the grass greener on your own side? It is very simple to make the grass greener on your own side. Just start from yourself: find the real treasure you possess inside. Find the path towards yourself, and then you will realize that all this discontent will disappear on its own. Then there is no need to be somebody else, because you are already enough in your individuality. In this knowing the grass is always greener on your own side. And then all the grass becomes green and beautiful everywhere for you.

Living according to your own potential, according to your own way of thinking, feeling and realizing, singing your own song is the true intention of nature. That is what you are destined to be. That is what you are intended to be. The grass is always greener on your own side. But have you realized? These are just words for you until you start exploring the world. Welcome to this odyssey!





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