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Have an Abundance of Both Worlds

By Oleg Moskvine


These basic questions have been arising for many years: should you renounce all that is pleasant, all that is comfortable, all that is materialistic to reach for different spiritual goals? Do the desires of any materialistic things prevent you from entering the spiritual search? Do you need to repress these desires? Is it possible to be materially poor and spiritually rich?

I don’t want to answer these questions because they are just philosophical but not existential at all. I hope you have read many books and studied many doctrines about these subjects. I simply suggest you to dive into the energy of life to answer these questions yourself. All the borrowed answers are useless… until you find the answer from within, right?

But just to stimulate your in-searching… So, I give you some hints to explore. As far as I am concerned, the main problem is not in your desires. The main problem is in the artificial splitting of the whole existence into two parts: the material one and the spiritual one. Acceptance of both poles transcends this division. Acceptance of both extremes allows man to live in abundance. Why to even choose at all? Why not to live richly in both dimensions simultaneously? Why not to live in abundance materially and spiritually? Why not to live life-affirmatively in all the dimensions that existence gives you to explore? Why not to live love-affirmatively in all the dimensions? Why not to live rich-affirmatively in all the directions of your life?

Just watch the abundance of existence. What is the need of so many rivers flowing to the ocean? What is the need of so many blossoming trees spreading their aroma? What is the need of the white clouds silently passing in the infinite blue sky? What is the need of so many beautiful flowers? What is the need of so many colorful passages of the sunset? What is the need of billions of stars of the Universe? What is the need? Logically thinking, there is no need for this abundance. Just one color would be enough… Just one type of tree would be enough… Just one star would be enough… Right?

Fortunately, existence is irrational, illogical, spontaneous, intelligent and wise enough NOT to follow such artificial ideas. Alive existence is always dancing. It is always flowing. It is always playing. It is always rich in all the dimensions. It is always abundant. You just need a bit of watchfulness to see, to feel, to realize this eternal dance of contented existence in every simple thing around you. There is no logical need for such a dance, for such a play, for such an alive breathing of existence. This abundance is the main core of nature. This multi-dimensional richness is the main essence of existence. And only man continues choosing between these dimensions to cling to just one and to drop the other.

Existence is rich in any dimension. It is a multi-dimensional phenomenon. Living in richness, in contentment, in abundance is natural, existential and intrinsic for the whole existence. You are the interwoven part of this abundant nature, right? Why to create artificial barriers if you may ride on the whole rainbow of reality? As to me, being full in all the existential dimensions is the main core of man’s nature.




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