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Man and Woman: The Anthem of Love

By Oleg Moskvine

What is love? Why is love? Who can give you a precise answer to these questions? For many thousands of years thousands and thousands of philosophers, poets and painters have been trying to answer these questions. If these questions could have been answered, it would have been done before, right? And I am NOT so naive to try to answer these essential questions. I just invite you to a beautiful odyssey inside to find the answer within. I just provoke you to start pilgrimage within.

As to me, love is a mystery to be experienced. Love is love is love. Love is the mystery to live in every second of your life. As far as I am concerned, there is no logical explanation to this mysterious phenomenon. But it can be experienced! But it can be enjoyed for your whole life!

Love is NOT an intellectual puzzle to think about. Love is NOT a philosophical topic to discuss. Love is NOT a problem to solve. Love is NOT rationality. Love is NOT the taking. Love is NOT in the programs and conditions of society. Love cannot be taught. Love is NOT the set of techniques and methods. Then what is love?

Love is like life itself. Love is spontaneous like life itself. Love is luminous like life itself. Since life cannot be intellectually explained, love cannot be intellectually explained either. Since life cannot be rationally divided into parts, love cannot be reduced to hormone levels either. You can assemble and disassemble only artificial things. But life is not artificial. It has been created by divine aliveness itself. And true love is not artificial either. Love like life comes from the unknowable… Love like life comes from the mysterious… Love like life comes from the miraculous…

Love is the giving. Love is the sharing. You are simply overflowing with the energy of life, energy of creativity, energy of warmness. So instead of taking, you are giving. Instead of taking, you are sharing. You cannot hold this warmness inside. You have to share. You have to give.

You are alive and you are able to love and enjoy this world, right? You have this greatest possibility, this greatest chance granted to you by the divine existence to live your life in love and rejoicing. And do you still ask what love is? Definitely, something is going wrong in this world…

When you are truly in love, then between you and your beloved there are no questions, no words, no logic and rationality. In this beautiful silence your hearts starts beating in the same rhythm. In this beautiful moment of love a new harmony starts blossoming. Both hearts of man and woman are merged into the organic whole. And the beautiful melody of love starts playing.

I am totally for love-affirmative approach. And I am totally for life-affirmative attitude. Your life is intended by the divine existence to be immersed into the beautiful atmosphere of love. And when you sing this song of love, the whole existence sings with you. And when you dance this beautiful dance of love, then the whole existence dances with you!

Have you ever looked inside where your aliveness comes from? Have you ever met yourself? Dive into your inner silence to find the only source of true love and true life. Just go in. In this beautiful moment of inner peace find the source of your eternal aliveness, find the source of your eternal love.




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