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Optimal Physical Activity

By Oleg Moskvine


Your body is like a musical instrument. When you are in tune with it, your body plays a beautiful melody.

There are thousands of schools, systems, classes of physical activity, right? When you begin studying any system, you strictly follow the rules and guides of it. You study information about muscle groups, muscle types, oxidative stress, free radicals, antioxidants, types of movements, activity levels, heart rate, breathing rate etc.

If you think: "how long does it take to practice optimal physical activity and how often to perform it per day?", then you still cling to the mind. You still cling to exact methods, techniques and systems of how to exercise. You are still a good “exerciser”... Only a good "doer"...

Remember, there are two main approaches in any system. A system may be based on methods, techniques, drills, types of exercises. And a system may be based on main principles or flows to emphasize main directions and hints on how to move in the right for you way.

Your improvised optimal activity is based on the second approach. Your optimal improvised complex is NOT a set of memorized drills and exercises to follow day by day. You are free to improvise and play with the main types of natural movements. You are the creator of your improvised optimal complex, right? You do not react. You respond.

If you listen to your body’s needs, you may find OPTIMAL physical activity to balance your body’s needs. Optimal physical activity is characterized by objective and subjective factors. Objective factors include health rate, muscle load, breathing volume etc. Subjective factors include satisfaction, pleasurable or non-pleasurable experience, comfort or discomfort etc.

You self-sense your body any time to feel what muscle groups are tense, what areas of your body restrict a free flowing of energy. You are centered in your heart. You are focusing inside your body. You are not thinking about your body. You are deeply feeling it. Your optimal physical activity is based on movements that are natural for your body. During optimal physical activity you release hidden blocks and tension.

Life is spontaneous and fresh every second. Do not depend on any authority. Do not be conditioned by any information on how, when and what to do concerning your physical activity. Be the Master of your life. I am always talking about your awareness, about your sensitivity to listen and understand your body’s language, your body’s needs. Your improvised optimal complex is always fresh, spontaneous and balanced, depending on your body’s needs.

As to me, it takes several minutes to practice my optimal improvised complex. I may perform it several times per day or I may forget about any exercising if my body does not want to do it. Listen to your own biological clock. Listen to your own body’s rhythms and cycles.

And always remember about the poetry of movements. Consider any movement as the art of transformation. When you deeply feel your movements, when you witness them, you are centered, you are crystallized, you are focused, you come back home. You are oscillating between awareness and dissolution, between witnessing and all-including, between centering and un-centering... You may re-direct energy anywhere you want by moving the focus. You become the Master of your movements. These movements open the door to existence. Is a wave separate?

It is not a theory. It is not philosophy. It is not intellectualization. It rises from deep sensitivity of your body. It is an existential thing. A river flows into the ocean to be a part of existence.




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