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Whether to Fly or Remain on the Earth?

By Oleg Moskvine


What to choose: whether to fly or remain on the earth? Whether to be materialistic or spiritual? Whether to live in the mundane world or run to the Himalayas? Are you the body or consciousness?

Look at a tree: it needs roots in the earth. The branches of the tree rise towards the blue sky. And at the same time the roots go deeper into the earth. The roots cannot grow into the sky. They have to grow into the earth, into matter. Thus a balance is created: the higher the tree rises, the deeper its roots go in and the stronger they become, otherwise the tree will fall. And in this great balance the tree can dance a slow waltz with the white clouds passing in the sky.

As to me, the whole man has to be rooted in the earth and has to reach for the sky. Being earthly, being worldly is the one side of the wholeness. Being spiritual is the other side. They are just two opposite poles. One should touch one pole, only then the odyssey towards the opposite pole starts.

If you have never touched one extreme, then there is not enough potential energy to reach for the opposite side. And once you are totally earthly, then you have reached the first side and gathered potential energy to start the opposite journey. Then the opposite movement becomes possible for you. Once you have completely tasted being worldly, then you can start moving the other way.

Start from being rooted in the mundane world. Build a strong base. Being earthly is the foundation for spiritual exploration. The having roots into the earth starts from accepting your body. This beautiful gift of nature has to be respected first of all. Deeply explore your body with great love. Discover all its rhythms and needs. If you have not totally explored your physical body, how will you be able to explore the thin dimensions of spirituality? Start with the tangible world and then step by step move towards the subtle world. Start from the full exploration of the periphery and then dive deeper towards your center.

And don’t cling only to one side. A free bird has two wings to fly. The foundation is good for start but it is not enough to reach for the sky. The infinite blue sky is so attractive. When you realize that to be only worldly is to be in constant misery of not touching the white clouds, then you are ready to the next step. Start searching for the path to the blue infinite sky.

The whole man is rich in all dimensions of life. He is rooted in the earth, in the worldly direction. And at the same time he is flying in the sky, in the spiritual world. Is there a question of choosing whether to fly in the sky or remain firmly established on the earth? Really, there is no question for the whole man. A deepening awareness dissolves this artificial split.

Both ways are needed. Both ways are possible together. Both ways compose the whole. Why to even choose? The deeper you become earthly, the deeper you become worldly, the higher you can fly in the spiritual world. Be the whole man as nature has intended and destined you to be. Enjoy both dimensions simultaneously. Dive into both worlds together!




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