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A message from Oleg Moskvine,
the founder of 365Celebrations.com,
the author of "PhD in Yourself System", Master of Science (MSc) in Theoretical Physics, entrepreneur.

We are millions of S-T Leaders (Innovators, Actualizers) over 35+ (entrepreneurs, SMBs owners, managers, venture capitalists, manufacturers, educators, intellectuals, philosophers, poets, writers, coaches, trainers and others), feeling inspired by the quest for self-transcendence (peak experience, the values of Being, the beauty of life, flow, unitive ideas, experience of a communion beyond the boundaries of self, and other life-altering moments in personal and business life).

We are optimistic in the long run, intellectual, creative, open to change, sophisticated leaders with wide intellectual interests.

We like personal and business challenges, problem solving, relatively independent and self-defined intellectual tasks, discovering new and analyzing the big picture from a different perspective to be in charge and on the move.

And we are also more than this...

It is obvious, that...

- The forces of globalization and technology have complicated the competitive
arena, creating a need for self-transcended leaders who can respond differently
to a changing world and who can focus not only on results but on the good they,
their products, and their organizations can do to the world around them
((Henry J. Venter Ph.D.)

There is a CLEAR NEED for more S-T Leaders (self-transcended leaders) to emerge in organizations as a key factor in creating economically, socially and ethically sustainable organizations and creating long-term value in society (Henry J. Venter Ph.D.)

- Self-transcendence, peak experience, a person's ability to obtain a unitive
consciousness, the values of Being among businessmen, managers, educators,
intellectuals and others who are supposed to be self- transcenders are their main, most important motivations and meta need (Abraham Maslow)

- What’s needed next: A culture of candor: the change from an exclusive focus on WHAT is earned to include HOW it is earned (O’ Toole, J&Bennis, 2009, June,
Harvard Business Review 54-61)

Leaders, inspired by the quest for self-transcendence in personal and business life, UNITE to build your own unique business projects of a new culture of candor by transcending competitiveness and benefiting from the power of collaboration!

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All-Day Pass # 5


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Brainstorm This



Project # 5: Turn a House Into a Home


What if:

How to Turn a House Into a Home?

What is a home? And what is a house? You can buy a house for money, but you cannot buy a home. A home is something intrinsically yours, something belonging to your heart, something created from your BEING expanding out, something you look forward to being in.

That is why without your energy, attitude, attention your house can become a golden sage and you are a bird inside. Or your house can become a home comfortable and attracting for you to return.

I would say, there are two main master keys if your house is your home or not:

Key# 1: You want to return to your home. You spend enough time in your home enjoying it.

Key # 2: You have several calming down places in your house to spend more time: you like them, you feel comfortable at, you enjoy them, you become yourself there. It is a very simple yet but a powerful criterion!

When you enter your home filled with your attitude, you come back to relax, to be yourself, to be not efficient, to be not strong but just to be, to live, to love... It is your time, it is your space, it is your home.


The ideas for S-T Leaders to brainstorm this project:

  • ABSOLUTELY new ideas, innovative ways and customer values satisfying the fine, cultivated taste of Innovators
  • "All in One" concept of the service (new built apartments and houses free from electromagnetic smog and geopathogenic zones, with innovative materials and technologies etc)
  • The project of a new culture of candor (what is earned and how it is earned)

    Always remember: Not ideas themselves but specialized deep knowledge, expertise (which itself is in limited supply and hard to acquire and difficult to copy) and leader's individuality finally makes sense in the success of this project!



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