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A message from Oleg Moskvine,
the founder of 365Celebrations.com,
the author of "PhD in Yourself System",
Master of Science (MSc) in Theoretical Physics, entrepreneur.


I hope you are a very knowledgeable person. I hope you have read tons of books, courses and guides on "how to improve your personal and business life", right? Admit it: If they could change your life, then it could have been done before…

Then why am I talking about many aspects of your life in this site? The reason is very simple: if my words help you to start doubting your mind’s old conditionings, then it’s enough. Then I know you will inevitably find the ways of transforming your life into festivity, celebration and creativity. Remember that continuous flow of playfulness and enjoyment of your life in your childhood... Remember that amazed presence of miracles of your life when you were a child. Is it gone? No!

To enjoy your life you just need a bit of awareness and sensitivity to balance your life between needs and desires, rest and activity, the head and the heart, logical and intuitive worlds, center and periphery, consciousness and matter, marketplace and inner silence.

You should sing your own song. It is your life. It is your own responsibility to find out the right rhythms of your life. Only YOU should be the master of your own life! Only your own personal experience makes sense!

As a scientist I know that real science is real science. The laws of science function for everybody, everywhere and everyday. There is no exception.

I invite you to explore TWO-DIMENSIONAL SCIENCE of SELF-TRANSCENDENCE. This is the inner science and this is the outer science. The inner science is focused on the subject. The outer science is focused on the object.

Without objects subjects do not exist. Without subjects objects do not exist. They are two sides of the same coin.

I would add even more... It is a well-known scientific fact that the main breakthroughs happen on the boundary of several sciences, fields and phenomena.

So, I invite you to explore the ideas, activities and cross-functional initiatives of the science of SELF-TRANSCENDENCE on the boundary of:
  • the inner and the outer science
  • rationality and irrationality
  • the known and unknown
  • the explained and unexplained
  • one-dimensional and multi-dimensional phenomena
  • consistence and spontaneity
  • mind techniques and beyond mind phenomenon
  • facts and hypotheses

Just Become a Realist! As a realist you can easily move to the outside and into the inside. When you move to the outside, you use scientific methods of concentration to explore the outer objects - real things or projected ones (dreams, desires, goals, plans).

And when you move into the inside, you use scientific methods of witnessing, meditation, awareness to study the inner subject, the inner nature.

Finally, when you are a realist, life immediately becomes simple and natural as it is intended to be. The grass becomes ALWAYS greener on YOUR own side!

So I suggest you to take responsibility into your own hands, rely on your own natural response, awareness and wisdom and master YOUR OWN unique skills and talents to be in flow with life!

Do not put any label on this site. Practice. Dive into the atmosphere of practicing. Play with methods. Do not be too serious. Find ideas and methods that fit you. Find ideas and methods that are authentic for you. If nothing gives you the feeling that this method, technique or idea is for you, then it is definitely NOT for you. Then forget about it and be happy.
Unless you are open, total, receptive, unless you are ready to this experience, nothing changes whatever you study and read… Unless you are touched by a new atmosphere, unless you are total in this practicing, nothing happens… This site is NOT concerned with «why». Let's leave this intellectualizing for others. This site is concerned with «how».

The moment you ask the question «how», practice becomes important but not philosophizing. Not intellectualizing but your receptivity, sensitivity and awareness are required. The moment you start doubting the mind's conditionings imposed on you, not theory but practice, methods, techniques and devices are important. Move into practicing, into existential experience, into your individuality to find all the answers.

Remember, if any idea, method, technique or hint fits you, then there is a clear sign: you become no more the same... Something subtly changes in you. You start looking at this world in a different way. You start feeling this world in a different way. You start realizing this world in a different way. You will feel these differences everywhere in everything whatever you do: looking, thinking, eating, walking, exercising, reading, sitting, talking, touching, breathing…

For the first time you encounter YOURSELF as you already are but not supposed to be by the other’s wishes and plans. If you practice methods intrinsic for you, then your receptivity grows, your sensitivity blossoms and your awareness deepens. Only then deep authentic relaxation comes, as the deep harmony with life.

Test the deepening awareness and sensitivity in many aspects of your every day life: from the centre to the periphery, from relaxation to activity, from a personal circle to global projects, from the prose to the poetry of life, from inner silence to marketplace...

You are multi-dimensional: thinking, feeling and being. You have three centers: the head, the heart and your individuality. Feeling is much closer to your divine nature than thinking. Feeling is the bridge between your head and your inner center. Feeling is a poet connecting a scientist and a mystic. By re-directing more energy from your thinking to your feeling, you move from the dimension of quantity to the dimension of quality.

Your heart is capable to fully taste the thin nuances of your life. Moving from the head to the heart allows you to be more sensitive to the mystery of life. Allow your sensitivity to grow, allow your feelings to deepen. In this deep sensitivity a new dimension arises. It’s your being, your awareness. Open your heart to feel the beauty of existence in every simple thing. What do you feel when looking at the waves of the ocean? What do you feel when smelling flowers? What do you feel when standing barefoot on the grass in a park? Are you sensitive enough to feel the energy that the Earth gives you?

Close your eyes and move deeply in your feelings. Do not think about it, just feel it, and suddenly you’ll feel the whole existence touching you in many ways: by the songs of birds, by the breeze, by the blossoming trees, by the beautiful colorful passages of the sunset, by the whisper of the stars, by the slow dance of the white clouds… Move from your head to your heart to feel the mystery of life.

The freedom to be yourself is essential. You are unique, you are individual. It does not mean that you are better and more unique than others. You are simply unique. Nature never repeats itself. You have your own abilities, intellect, dreams, energy and inner wisdom to find your own way in this world. You should simply accept yourself. You are micro-cosmos. You are the great mystery of life. You are the great synergy of multidimensional energies of life.

The future is open! One additional day is granted to you to BE, to LIVE, to FEEL, to LOVE, to BREATHE this life! You may enjoy the sunrise today. You may enjoy the songs of birds today. You may tell a fairytale to your child today. You may walk in a beautiful park today. You may write a poem. You may create new technology. How do you use this great chance given you TODAY?"





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