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Made to Discover a Personal and Business Transformation For a New Culture of Candor™

We are millions of S-T Leaders (Innovators, Actualizers) over 35+ (entrepreneurs, SMBs owners, managers, venture capitalists, manufacturers, educators, intellectuals, philosophers, poets, writers, coaches, trainers and others), feeling inspired by the quest for self-transcendence (peak experience, the values of Being, the beauty of life, flow, unitive ideas, experience of a communion beyond the boundaries of self, and other life-altering moments in personal and business life).

We are optimistic in the long run, intellectual, creative, open to change, sophisticated leaders with wide intellectual interests.

We like personal and business challenges, problem solving, relatively independent and self-defined intellectual tasks, discovering new and analyzing the big picture from a different perspective to be in charge and on the move.

And we are also more than this...






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