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Are You The Master of Your Mind?

By Oleg Moskvine


Your mind is a powerful biocomputer. All brainstorming techniques train your mind. All visualization techniques work with your mind. All concentration methods work with your mind. Your mind has to be discovered. Your mind power has to be fully used.

Marketplace success, prestige, position, money, business ideas… They are all directly depend on your mind activity. Your EGO as a social by-product is rooted in your mind. To be socially successful you have to develop strong mind abilities to be in tune with social trends.

But do not forget, your mind is an excellent servant but an awful master! Never forget about this simple rule otherwise your mind may easily transform your life intended by existence to be celebrated, danced and enjoyed into suffering, unhappiness and boredom.

Try to write down all thoughts and ideas that will pass you during twenty minutes. Do not neglect any of them. Write all your thoughts… and you will be discouraged with how much useless stuff your mind is overloaded. The pendulum of the mind moves from one thought to other thought, from one thought to other thought… You are running, running, running. You are centered in your head. How may you feel the poetry of life if you are always centered in your head? How may you flow with existence if you are always under your mind pressure?

Are you the Master of your mind? Or is your mind the Master of you? All witnessing techniques and methods we will work with are intended to set the right priority depending on the rainbow of reality. Your mind should be your true servant!

But you are not only your mind! Move deeper to discover your nature, to come back home. Do not cling to only one layer of reality. Be the whole spectrum of dancing energy.

Dualism was created by the mind. The mind is like a prism that splits. It is Aristotle logic (either A or B). But existence cannot be separated. What about music? What about poems? What about love? What about inner silence? What about beauty? What about the ocean of being? The whole is the whole. In efforts to understand the reality the mind always complicates this process. The mind is able to divide and analyze to know more and more about less and less.

Your biocomputer is useful for Aristotle logic of “yes” and “no”, painting your life in black and white, concentrating, visualizing, thinking ABOUT, reasoning, intellectualizing, philosophizing about any subject, collecting, winning, analyzing, deducting, calculating, systematizing, competing, conflicting, reacting, splitting, separating, politicizing, willing, ambitioning, earning money and prestige, crystallizing your EGO, introspecting, marking, estimating, controlling, judging, comparing, arguing, explaining, describing…

All famous philosophers were excellent intellectuals who used the power of their mind. All famous scientists were excellent intellectuals. They created great systems and theories about the rainbow of reality, but they have not realized the rainbow of reality. The rainbow is in the present, “here and now” but the mind is always in the past and in the future. Catching the irrationality of life is not a property of your mind. Your heart can touch it. Your heart can feel it. When you are centered in the heart, life dances with you.

Wholeness can’t be separated. Love can’t be explained. Poetry can be felt but can’t be systematized. Music can be enjoyed but if you try to systematize it into a set of sounds, then music can't stay alive. The aroma of beauty can be caught immediately but can’t be intellectualized. Your heart enjoys a beautiful sunset, but the mind always asks ”Why?”. The mind is simply not able to comprehend the whole picture of reality.

So by understanding the pros and cons of your mind, by being aware of the light and dark sides of your mind, you may become the Master of it. Your mind is a powerful instrument to work with. Your mind is a good computer to use. Your mind is an efficient mechanism to benefit from. Turn it on when you need to succeed on the marketplace. Turn it on when you need original ideas and projects. Turn it on when you need to successfully compete. Turn it on while analyzing, while concentrating, while thinking about something.

And turn it off when you are falling in love. Turn it off when you are in silence. Turn it off when you enjoy aloneness. Turn it off when you are in deep affinity with nature. Turn it off when you touch your spouse’s hand. Turn it off when you warmly look at your child. Give them your love. It’s the time for your heart. It’s the time for your warmness.

Realize the pendulum of life: rest and activity, head and heart, night and day, logical and intuitive mind, darkness and lightness, breathing in and breathing out, attachments and detachments, desires and needs. Let your mind work when you need it. Let your mind rest when you need it. Be the Master of your mind!

When you explore the objective world, you need to use your mind. When you dive into the subjective world, you should drop your mind to enter a thinner dimension. The door should be always opened.

You should be able to oscillate between the centre and the periphery, between marketplace and inner silence, between your mind and your heart, between your heart and your nature, between your separated “self” and eternal ocean. Enjoy the rainbow of reality, enjoy all colors of your life and accept your nature to be the whole person as intended by existence.




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