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We are optimistic in the long run, intellectual, creative, open to change, sophisticated leaders with wide intellectual interests.

We like personal and business challenges, problem solving, relatively independent and self-defined intellectual tasks, discovering new and analyzing the big picture from a different perspective to be in charge and on the move.

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Can You Really Drop the Negative?

By Oleg Moskvine


Are you able to drop the negative in your life? I would doubt. How can you drop the darkness? How can you catch the darkness? How? Do you know the device to do it directly? Can you catch the hold of darkness to throw it away? The only way to dissolve the darkness is to bring light into a dark room. Only one question arises: how to bring light? Fortunately, you already have a candle of light. And it is up to you whether you find this candle or not. You just need a bit of watchfulness to realize it.




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