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Awareness Cannot Be Planned

By Oleg Moskvine


So many times I have been asked, «What meditation methods to use? What techniques to study? When do I get awareness? When do I achieve strong witnessing? When to drop methods?»

So I want to tell you… As to me, awareness CANNOT be planned. As for me, awareness cannot be studied. Realize that all achievements, all goals, all plans, all projections are in your mind, in your thoughts, in you head, whatever you call this phenomenon. But awareness itself is beyond your mind's imaginations, efforts and goals. Awareness is awareness is awareness. It cannot be studied but it can definitely be lived and enjoyed. Awareness, meditation, witnessing, watchfulness or alertness, whatever you can call this divine phenomenon, is the intrinsic part of you. You have already been having this phenomenon for thousands of your lives and you will always have it. Forms change, but the intrinsic content is eternal.

Meditation or awareness is NOT a technique. Meditation or awareness is the witnessing of life's flow around you and in you. You can witness everything passing you: your thoughts and emotions, your dreams and fantasies, your success and failure, your love and hate, anger and peace, the negative and positive, laughter and tears, optimism and pessimism… Experience is not important… But YOU ARE important! You should be the master of any experience but not vise versa. Who is this watcher who watches? Who is this indifferent observer who observes? Meditate on what I am talking about…

Techniques are irrelevant to awareness. But techniques are relevant and important to your conditioned mind. Your mind needs techniques. Your disturbed mind has to study meditation methods. Yes, you should study all the techniques as the treasure accumulated by thousands of masters worldwide. Study this powerful collection of the eastern wisdom. Find methods that suit you better.

But be aware, the process of studying and practicing meditation methods is so mind-attractive that the watcher himself can be completely forgotten during this activity. The periphery may become so important, but not the centre, not the watcher who has this experience. At the moment you attain the inner wisdom, at the moment you dive into the divine yourself, any meditation methods drop themselves, dissolve themselves, otherwise you are missing the main point. Otherwise you don't meditate but nourish your mind, your ego. Otherwise your mind is still the master of you but not vise versa.

Any technique is NOT meditation itself but preparation for meditation. When you find a proper technique for you, then dive into yourself. When you existentially know your inner silence, then you don't need any technique at all. Meditation itself is the breathing of life in you. Meditation itself is the flowing of alive energy in you, through you and outside you. Do you understand what I mean?

I am always for the life-affirmative approach. Listen, why not to save some time for yourself instead of intellectualizing, intellectualizing and intellectualizing? Why not to spend some time for your love instead of thinking, thinking and thinking? Take the hand of your beloved into your hand and enjoy the silence of the sunset. Be there! Be there in this wonderful moment of resting nature. Be there in this amazing moment of togetherness with your beloved. To me, this togetherness with your beloved, this totality with your love, this enjoying of the colorful passages of the sunset is true meditation. To me, your total dissolving in this miraculous moment of your life is true awareness. And everything that is left before and after this moment is only preparation for meditation. Dive into the energy of life, and awareness will come!





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